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Liner notes and Lyrics from Portals

blue heron flying Seek the Highest  
To me, this means seeking an understanding of God and the truth about life. This understanding can change as we unfold. For example, at one time I saw God as a strict, disciplinary being. If I didnít obey, Iíd be punished. Now I see God as love, and I realize that even difficult experiences are there to help me gain a greater understanding of love. Seek the highest means to understand that all is here to help me unfold, to help me realize my true nature as Soul, a spark of God, a co-worker with God.

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Letting Go
Letting go of old concepts, old ideas that no longer help. Letting go of old hurts and pains. It means forgiving, relaxing, and trusting in the unlimited abundance of love, of goodness.

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pink flower
A relaxing, healing image and sound. Beautiful to
see and hear. An oasis on our journey.

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HU, Song of Love
The HU is a love song to God. It is a sound which comes from the high planes of God. Singing HU with love can bring one a release from fear, an insight into a problem, or more joy and awareness in life. There can be many more benefits as well. You are welcome to try it and see what it does for you. Here are the lyrics to the song:

Lying in bed, in the morning
I sing HU, my song of love to you
Giving thanks for this new day dawning 
I sing HU, my song of love to you
You are my reason for living, without your love I wouldnít exist

I sing HU my song of love to you
It is a simple song, one syllable itís true
Yet it expresses your love for me, my love for you
HU, my song of love to you

Working all day, solving problems,
I sing HU, my song of love to you
Giving thanks for all Iím given
I sing HU, my song of love to you
I know lifeís trials have a purpose
They are to lead me closer to you

Relaxing at home, in the evening
I sing HU, my song of love to you
Giving thanks for all your guidance 
I sing HU, my song of love to you
Another cycle is ending
Time for reflecting on all I have learned

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Windy Day
The wind comes in and moves things around. Itís a symbol of change. Small breezes refresh the air, cleaning out the staleness. Strong winds bring about much more dramatic changes. All changes involve the death or destruction of something to make room for the new. Itís important to be flexible and let go of the old so that the new can come in.

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windy day at the ocean
pond view  


Skaterís Waltz
To me the skater symbolizes gracefulness. Itís a smooth, flowing movement. Professional skaters will have this even under times of great pressure. Sometimes they will fall, only to get right up and keep on going. This is a big part of grace.

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New Day Rising
The essence of a positive attitude. A place of hope, of seeing things in a new light, of seeing things as if for the first time.

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sun rise

A Greater Love
This song is an attempt to describe my relationship with Spirit. Sometimes, to some people, Spirit manifests itself in the form of a spiritual guide or teacher, who helps make something that is so foreign to our human nature more accessible. For me, this teacher is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, the spiritual leader of Eckankar.  Here are the lyrics:

How gently, you guide me through the maze of life
Loosening the ties that hold me back, you set me free
You take from my room of fear, to a world beyond my imagination
Your loving light is drawing me, leading me, to a greater love

How closely, your presence is entwined with mine
I sense that in the deepest part of me, we are one
Youíre like a noon-day shadow, a tender whisper in the air
Your subtle voice is calling me, leading me, to a greater love

Welcoming you into my life has been the greatest treasure I have known
You help me to help myself, from the inside out I have grown

Completely, I give my love, my life to you
Through the years Iíve learned that what you give is whatís best for me
Take all that I have, use me, I open my heart to you
Iím here for you to express through me, for me to be, this greater love
Iím here for you to express through me, for me to be, this greater love
This greater love

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The Road Home
The road home is the journey to a deeper understanding of ourselves, of life. Sometimes happy, sometimes melancholy, full of every experience imaginable. It is perfect in its imperfection. As we stumble, we grow. Stumbling blocks are actually stepping stones. Overall, there is a joy in the awareness of life, of the experience of living itself.

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path through woods
feather cloud Bathing in Blue
This song comes from an experience in a world of blue, a world of love so strong it is hard to imagine. Iíve recorded it as an instrumental, but there are lyrics. Some of them are as follows:
Imagine, floating freely
Like a balloon on the breath of the wind
Feelings of freedom overwhelm you
Yet all you see is blue
Youíre bathing in blue

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Recently I was listening to a piece of music by Mozart. Through his melodies I heard the rolling waves of the ocean. I had never experienced music in this way before. It inspired me to write this piece, to try for the feel of the ocean rather than a melody.

Iíve heard it said that God dwells in the Ocean of Love and Mercy. Maybe thatís why so many of us are attracted to the ocean. It reminds us of home.

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ocean waves

River of Love
As we grow in awareness, we grow in compassion and love. This song was inspired by this process, a process we all go through.  Here are the lyrics:

Started like a drop, of fresh fallen rain
Glistening in the sunshine on a window pane
Well this drop rolled down into another drop and
they merged as one
Faster now this new drop rolled, and this was the
A trickle of love, seeping through my heart
Softening the hardened edge, of thoughts that held
me back
Opening the passageways so more love could flow
From the heart of God

Fell into a cup, where it could have been the end
Could have dried up in the sunshine to start all over
But instead a little boy picked up the cup, poured it
in a brook
Floating past some stones and twigs, the drop had
now become-
A stream of love, winding through my heart,
Rounding off the softened edge, of thoughts that
held me back
Adding to the passageways, so more love could
From the heart of God

Tumbling over rocks, looking for a way
Driven by an inner force, determined to stay
Gradually the stream grew stronger as it flowed
further on
Deeper now its currents ran, the stream had now
A river of love, surging through my heart
Cleaning out the tired remains, of thoughts that held
me back
Widening the passageways, so more love could
flow, from the
Heart of God

Looking back amazes me, this love has grown so
The key is to be an open channel for Godís love
And steadily, faithfully, the river will become

An ocean of love, expanding my heart
Washing away the boundaries, nothing will hold it
No more need for passageways, for love is all
In the heart of God
Weíre in the heart of God


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