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Comments from listeners


"When I read the words to your songs, I realized that the message you are sending fits all spiritual paths.   For example, in the song "A Greater Love", you use the word "you" to mean your Eckankar leader.  For me, it means Jesus.   That's why the messages in these songs are so inspiring to me........the lyrics are everything I think and feel but never knew how to express.

Life is very stressful for me right now...just typical stuff........being a single mom, working full time (and then some), keeping up with the house, running the kids around and making sure I am there for them.  This CD couldn't have come at a better time for me.   The music in your CD is very relaxing and very enjoyable to listen to."

P.L.  Southington, CT


"I have fallen into the arms of this music, Mark. My biggest compliment is to tell you that this is painting music for me.
Most music is finished. Great to great but no portals for my creativity to ride the waves of sound into using color. Your music is portal after portal, just like the title promises. There is also a raw edge to the sound that leaves me disarmed and available to spirit. I hear it in your compositions and voice...Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your gifts and love."

L.Y.    NY,NY


"Thanks so very much for sharing your wonderful music on your new CD and for sharing your heart through your music."

L.D.    Amherst, NH


"I LOVE your CD!!!!"

B.M.  Clinton,CT


I heard your song "Bathing in  Blue" at a seminar.  The night before I had had a bad dream.  I was still feeling its effects.  After hearing your song, the bad feeling was gone, replaced with a feeling of lightness.  Thank you!

A.Y.   Cranston, RI


"Letting Go" just pulled at my heart strings -just as
a violin does..

M.G.  Southington, CT