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Peacefulness, relaxation, creation, relief from stress.

These and many more positive benefits can be obtained by slowing down our internal rythym.

The music on this CD is a collection of guitars, synthesized instruments, and nature sounds creating vibratory waves designed to help one slow down and enjoy life more.

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The Calling        Riding the Waves Home

Song From HU      Single Voice      Onward

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This project began when a colleague of mine approached me to write music to complement the guided meditations he was facilitating. Riding the Waves Home* is the outcome of this collaboration and gave me the inspiration to compose an entire CD in this style of music.

The intent of this music is to be a tool to aid people in slowing down. When we slow down and relax we feel more peaceful inside. In this calmer state, we become more aware of insights and solutions to lifeís situations. We develop a sense of well-being and have a greater enjoyment of life.

A tool that Iíve found most useful in helping me in this regard has been singing the word HU. HU is a word for God and is sung as a love song to God. Itís pronounced like the manís name Hugh. Iíve been singing HU for over twenty years and have noticed its benefits to be a growing awareness of my true self, a trust in life to give me what I need, gratitude for lifeís blessings, and a joy of living, of being in the adventure of life. Singing HU all these years has brought me to a place of stillness inside from which I could create this music. The melody for Song from HU came to me as I was singing the HU.

The Calling is about the turning points where we make a deeper commitment to wanting to know the truth about life. Onward, the final cut on the CD, celebrates the fact that there is always another step to take on our journey of discovery.

I hope you enjoy this CD and obtain some benefits from it.  If you have any comments I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me at

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* The full-length version of Riding the Waves Home is available on request.



An eclectic collection of twelve beautifully crafted tunes.  Nine instrumental and three vocal songs.

 Healing, contemplative, inspirational music.


 Liner notes and sound clips

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Notes from inside the CD:

For much of my life Iíve tried to understand lifeís meaning, asking questions like Why am I here? What is God? and What is my relationship with God? Actually, at first I didnít realize I was seeking answers to just three basic questions. My first direction as a seeker explored the belief that there was more to life than what I saw on the surface, and that one could leave the body while still alive. Gradually, as I gained a greater understanding, I realized that my myriad questions could be sifted down to the three stated above.

My experience has been that each of us has a unique relationship with God, that each of us is Soul, a spark of God.

Along this journey of discovery there are opportunities to gain in our understanding of life. These opportunities are gates, or portals, into a deeper experience of ourselves in relationship to the rest of life, to God.

This CD is the result of insights I have received in my years of searching and discovery. The pieces were either inspired by or remind me of these insights. In these liner notes Iíll describe what I have received from each song. You may want to use these as contemplation seeds.

In sharing this way, my hope is that you will receive your own insights, your own portals on your  journey of discovery into your true nature.